How to chose healthy food and drinks

I already saw the diet plan for weight loss - low carb, small portions, low calories - and I realized that the scope of ketosis was more than I had made. My mind dawned on this: we have little time to make big changes in our lives and thus the quantity we eat is measured by how much time we have left.

How to be good food picker

I went on a diet plan to become healthier but I am no longer on a diet plan. I began dieting lightly, having an occasional glass of wine in my fridge, before hitting the treadmill. This proved to be a poor decision, because for a couple of weeks, I skipped lunch altogether. No one invites you to be 5% skinnier, those poor skinny genes.

Things started to get worse: I was eating out, eating out, eating out, eating out. The trouble was, when I ate out I had nothing in my diet plan to help me, nothing to support my healthy choices. My new eating habit meant that I became overweight and yet my metabolism was still setting the pace. I wrote off my job as a stay-at-home mum, and stopped buying cheap food as it’s convenient.

I had to take a new look at my lifestyle. The eating habits that I once had were so bad for my diet plan. My metabolism was telling me that I needed to start losing weight again. Fast.

I had to push myself:

I cut sugar from my diet and saw results, by keeping my diet low in sugar and variety, I noticed that my hunger disappeared after a couple of meals and my digestive system still made no noise like a bomb went off.

I haven’t had a single treat in a couple of years and the changes have not been subtle. I have even gone to the extent of cutting away greasy meals. I have been grateful for these hard decisions and I swear that once I gave up soda and sweets, my metabolism permanently stopped speeding away.

I started learning better eating habits, so I had more energy, less stress, a happier mood, weight loss, not to mention I was getting fit faster and experiencing better sleep.

I focused on the quality of my meals.

I am conscious that no one has the time to constantly go shopping, to learn how to be healthy in each food group, so I have been listening to my appetite, according to certain things. The other thing that I keep in mind: we don’t have time for all the foods that are out there, so that’s why I look at foods from different food groups.

I tried out different diets and was now eating a variety of vegetables, whole foods, and beans, which again shows that I wasn’t trying to give up foods that are unhealthy. I was looking at the whole picture and taking all my time to get my nutrition balance right.

I looked at the processed foods that we consume every day and stopped buying those foods that are filled with sugars, fats, and preservatives.

I adapted the non-alcoholic drinks in my diet - which I had previously been abstaining from, because the list of symptoms that were given by the diet book meant that I would fall in to the worst symptoms.

I was now drinking more whole juices. I am still recognising the kind of lifestyle I was living for the longest time and I am now taking time to make sure that I am eating healthy.

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