Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers

 Tapping into your teenage child’s psyche… good self-esteem, the goals and needs, and the attitudes of teenagers today are surprising.

Just like teens in the mid 2000’s

Before the societal changes 20 years ago, teens behaved as selfish and teen-driven individuals. Today, teens feel empowered enough to realize that there are many of them who do not have their mind set upon their own standards and desires. Teens today are not all about social media. Just like teens in the mid 2000’s, are teen-seekers (defining, searches for, and buys/browsing to find new things). Instead, they are rather experienced, worldly, and teenagers, which means that they are not just interested with having a body but rather with living. “Fit,” “skinny,” and “beautiful” are not as significant in the lives of teenagers today. “beautiful” is a distant goal for many teenagers today and so are such social media expectations.

Must be self esteem

A jaded, depressed and unmotivated teens is not as healthy as teenagers are today. Meaning, these teens have more hope of failing the self-esteem tests and showing up to teen parties more vulnerable. It is not about the weight and body scale but about the overall perspective.

The ages are much different today, which creates that distinct and surprising feeling in adulthood. It is common to read news articles about teen pregnancy rates rising, and popular media companies turning the spotlight on “gay teen”. Therefore, generations are released into the world while they have more of an understanding of what it means to be a teenager.

Be a body conscious

Most importantly, normal teen-based habits, norms, and values have changed today. Starting in the UK, body-conscious actors and athletes like Amy Adams in the 300 movie compared to “boys in sneakers who live out their lives as autonomous objects”.

Today, many teens don’t visit friends’ houses often, don’t go anywhere except to school or home after the holidays are over. They don’t always go to parties or the theatre. Today teenagers are much more introverted and secretive as they have a more mature view of it.

Teens are more self-disciplined, more prone to making mature decisions, and they live in an environment more populated with people. This is what teenagers are today — conscious teenagers who do not want to compete with older people.

There are many similarities between mature teenagers and grown-ups:

· Adults are very much aware of their successes and failures. They know what they need and what they don’t need.

· They can do things for themselves and don’t need a little younger person who will have to help them.

· They want to explore their own things, living lives for themselves, and making their own decisions.

· They are self-driven and well-travelled.

· Their self-image is maintained, or even improved.

· They do not really care about who they look like or what others think of them.

· They know what is good for them.

· They are happier than teenagers who look up to their elders.

· They have a clear idea of the pitfalls of life.

· They aren’t overly influenced by popular culture.

· They are unafraid to have health issues.

· They know enough about the consequences of being overweight.

· They know who to turn to when they need help.

· They are proud of the achievements and accomplishments that they have made and never try to fit in by being out of their comfort zone.

· Everyone worries about teenagers, but teens are really more self-confident with the maturity they get when they have a range of interests.

· They are more knowledgeable about themselves than their parents and surroundings.

· They love to do things for themselves and usually don’t care if their friends don’t, as long as they do things that they enjoy and for themselves.

· No matter the weather, teens go shopping.

· They wear what they want and unlike today’s stressed out teenagers and teens (these should only go shopping once in a while!).

· They usually enjoy driving and cruising in a car.

· They are more comfortable travelling by themselves.

· Just like adults, their sleeping patterns (not to be confused with their sleeping habits) are not as dependent upon and numbered.

· They prefer the company of their immediate family.

· They work.

· They prefer to use mass media for entertainment.

· They drink alcohol on a regular basis.

· There is an emphasis on sleep (much easier to handle, so much more important for teenagers’ health) for adolescents.

· Then again, this is not necessarily good but it can be

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